Welcome to Sohlo Boss Club

A platform for home-based/mobile beauty and barber service providers to be discovered and connect.

WTF is Sohlo?

Sohlo is your neighbourhood plug. We support the connection of local beauty and barber service providers with the clients that are looking for them through our easy to use discovery platform.

With Sohlo, you get access to the Sohlo Boss Club; a private Members Only Club for independent beauty and barber service providers in the GTHA.

This is where you'll get access to create your Sohlo profile (a portfolio of your work discoverable on Sohlo and Google) and become discoverable to new clients within your area! With specific filters such as location and service type, to humanized filters like skin tone and hair type; we're helping people find you better and faster.

Our members get access to:

  • A personalized profile on our platform, sohlo.coallowing new clients to find you in your area and view your portfolio.
  • Connecting and building with other service providers in your area and beyond
  • Sneak peeks of new Sohlo features before anyone else
  • Access to workshops around social media, diversifying your business, finance and more!
  • Private access to mentors and unlimited access to past videos from workshops right afterwards to get in questions specific to your business [premium only]
  • Access to job opportunities [premium only]

We're focusing on what's important for independent beauty and barber service providers. Our mission is to get to where the money reside through useful, specific education and collaboration. We're all for helping out the people, the community and levelling up as a unit. No more figuring it all out alone, we got y'all (no Issa 😉).

Join us to today and change the landscape of the independent beauty and barber industry ⚡️

Shoutout to you!

Thanks for being here! We're proud of you for taking the step to show up for yourself and learn and connect. It's not easy so welcome, we're excited to have you!